2007 – 2010   Architectural Association School of Architecture, Architecture

2003 – 2005   Institute of Contemporary Arts Pro Arte, New Media Art

1998 – 2003   Omsk State University of Technology, MFA




2014  International Artist-in-Residency Programme in Aso [Aso Arts], 

          Minamioguni-machi, Kumamoto, Japan [August - November]              

2009  British School in Rome Residency, Boas Award, Rome, Italy [July]



2016 - 2017  Coursera Course, Clinical Neuroscience [Duke University], Durham, North Carolina, US

2017  Meeting of the Minds, Neuroscience Society Conference [Imperial College], London, UK [21-22 January]

2010  Koshirakura Landscape and Tokyo Building Workshops [AA], Japan [August - September] 

2011  Maeda Twisting Concrete Workshop [AA], Hooke Park, UK [June]



2019  Ars Electronica, Linz, Austria

2019  FLUX, London, UK




2016  Emergent Artists Grant, London, UK [EAP]

2015  Kim Fielding Award for experimental arts, Cardiff, Wales [KFA]

2009  Nicholas Boas Award [AA], London, UK

2007  Architectural Association School of Architecture [AA], Scholarship, London, UK




                                                                                 ARCHITECTURAL INTERVENTIONS




2015   Kim Fielding Award for experimental arts [KFA] ‘Sacred Danger’ Part I, a project reinventing a sacred space, Coed Hills,                                           South Glamorgan, Wales, UK  [site: open hill surrounded by a leaf forest zone with a seaside horizon]  

2014   International Artist-in-Residency Programme in Aso [Aso Arts], ‘Syu Iro’, permanent pavilion, Minamioguni-machi,                                                                                                                     Kumamoto, Japan [site: mountain in a bamboo forest]




2018   Herald Street 'Anti-Gravity Reality: Inside the Black Square or the Brain AI', London, UK 

                                             [Virtual Reality and Physically Built Space immersive environment: VR, AI, Robotics, Neuroscience/EEG]

2017   Bermondsey Square ‘Red Is Not A Color’ [after Bernard Tschumi], immersive light installation, London, UK 

2016   Chalton Gallery ‘Black Light’, immersive light installation, London, UK [site: gallery]

2015   The KFA ‘Sacred Danger’ Part II, multi-channel video installation, St David’s House, Cardiff, Wales, UK [site:gallery]

2014   Herrick Gallery, ‘Red Room’, ‘Not A Red Room’, ‘The Red’, live installation, London, UK [site: gallery]

           Art Licks Weekend, Crypt@S.Mark’s, ‘Vertical Immersion’ and ‘TSWRI’ video, London, UK [site: crypt]

           St Clement’s, ‘Talk To Me’, 5-room site-specific immersive environment, London, UK [site: abandoned mental hospital]

           Chisenhale Art Place Atrium, ‘Balloon Installation’, London, UK [site: transitional space - staircase]

2013   Chisenhale Art Place Atrium, ‘Staircase’, site-specific interactive installation, London, UK [site: staircase]

           Chisenhale School, Peep Hole Gallery, ‘22[0]Self-Reflections’, defragmented installation, London, UK [site: school]

           Crypt@St.Mark’s, 9 installations ‘That Side Where Real Is’ and ‘The cReature Film’, London, UK [site: church, crypt]

2012   Kardo Findlater Collection and Bounce Back Project Space, ‘88 Windows’,  [Michel Foucault based reinvention of a                                                                                                                                                       prisonLondon, UK [site: prison]





2019   Ambika P3 Gallery, University of Westminster and London Festival of Architecture,

           'Artificial Intelligence of Virtual Reality', London, UK 





2019  New York Hall of Science, a SciArt Initiative exhibition 'Weather the Weather', New York, US /forthcoming/

2019  SPACE Studios, 'Bring Your Own Performance', London, UK

2015  Art Licks Weekend, Chisenhale Art Place, non-masterplanned film production ‘White Light’, London, UK

          Cavendish Square Car Park, ‘Silent Movies’ [site-specific intervention 'The Cage of Your Obscure Madness], London, UK

2014  Chisenhale Art Place Project Space, ‘Please Stand By: Artists’ Film Night’ [video 'Trakovsky's Moments'], London, UK

          Contemporary Art Museum Kumamoto [CAMK], ‘Presentation’ ['Syu Iro'], Kumamoto, Japan

          Sakagura Gallery, ‘Artists in Aso’ [sound & light installation with performance 'The End of The Beginning or The Beginning of                                                                                                                                                         The End], Aso-city, Japan             Street Art-Plex Festival, ‘The Secret Eight Doors’ ['Cedar Chips Performance'], Kumamoto, Japan

2013  Whitechapel Gallery, ‘Whitechapel Gallery Open Screenings’, ['The cReature Film'], London UK

          St Clement’s Gallery, ‘Lumen’ ['Talk To Me'], Winter Shuffle Festival, London, UK

2012  Chisenhale Art Place Project Space, ‘I’m not Scared’ ['I'm Not Scared' immersive installation], London, UK

          Function Room, 'Video Show' [video 'Demolition'], London, UK

          Wimbledon College of Art, ‘The Perfect Nude’, touring to Phoenix Gallery, Exeter & Charlie Smith Gallery, London, UK

2005  First Moscow Biennale of Contemporary Art, Moscow, RF

2004  Artillery Museum, ‘Contemporary Art at the Traditional Museum’, Saint-Petersburg, RF





Lives and works in London UK

Uli Ap is a trans-disciplinary artist working at the intersection of art, science, and technology.

The artist explores a cross-reality zone between virtual, physical, and mental spaces. Merging art, science, technology, architecture, and journalism, the artist creates intellectually provocative and bodily disorienting situations and systems within which each of your perceptions are challenged.

Uli's theory of new art aspires to artistic investigations that aim to facilitate technological innovation and scientific or engineering research within a sphere of a mutual exchange and inspiration. Art creates a philosophy of cross-reality experience and critique.

Ap believes in a world with no borders and no identity. It is an ambition to challenge our perception of the reality and the self, and explore a contemporary condition of being a (post -) human in our highly technological age. The drive is to erase all the labels and advocate freedom of choice, will, and movement.

Uli says that each of the projects is a separate life sparkled with interaction and exchange with different groups of people and communities from whom she learns new skills and gains new knowledge and insights to realise her artistic vision. Those new experiences and bold experimentations are crucial components of her artistic process and research – they bring adrenaline, risk, and challenge into both art and life that are inseparable.

Uli Ap lives and works in London but travels the world extensively to exhibit and take part in art residencies.

Ap undertaken residencies in the British School at Rome, 'International Artist-in-Residence' in Aso, Minamioguni-machi, Japan, received inaugural Kim Fielding Award for experimental arts, Cardiff, Wales and Emerging Artists Promotions Grant, London, UK.

'Artificial Intelligence of Virtual Reality' is Uli Ap's recent solo exhibition at Ambika P3 Gallery University of Westminster in London as a part of London Festival of Architecture 2019. Uli's work is included in a forthcoming in a forthcoming a SciArt Initiative exhibition "Weather the Weather" in New York Hall of Science, New York, US.

Immersive Interactive Investigations [ I I I ]  Uli Ap's artistic agency researching, investigating, and creating a cross-reality zone of site-specific interactive immersive disorienting installations in-between physical, virtual, and mental spaces/realities across art, science, technology, architetcure, and journalism/text/writing.

Sub-agency of [ I I I ] explores issues of no borders, no identity, no nationality, no race, no gender, no disciplines,, no labels. It advocates for a totally free egalitarian world of no others.