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more documentation of the performance is coming soon!

AI SYNTHETIC bodyMonster

Turf projects space - Art Press for young adults: Yesterdays's trip to Conditions space next to our home at Turf Projects to see Alien AI performance. 


Uli visited us over the summer and we collaborated on a piece that was shown in the Conditions show!


G.tec : measuring emotional reaction in the brain watching the Alien AI film

During the Alien Artificial Intelligence Experiment No.1 at Columbia University Digital Storytelling Lab (Columbia DSL) in New York, participants submitted images of their body parts to an AI algorithm prompted by an AI voice and text on video. An AI algorithm synthesised individual body fragments into a collective body monster. An AI algorithm is created by Playform.io.

Huge Thanks to Arts Council England

Alien AI Live #00000

Whitgft Centre


I connect technological condition of 'glitch' with my post-double surgery condition of distorted movements.

Alien Intelligence gets the tale and leans towards animal.

Alien Artificial Intelligence, the Yellow One.


In the art world, also known as Alien Intelligence.


Displacing motion capture suit Rokoko Pro II sensors. Watching alien virtual body 'glitching'. Repeating those positions to learn 'digital glitch'. Developing movement direction in-between the glitches (or in-between frozen glitched positions). This is a part of the exchange with technology - when we are informed by each other movements and exchange. Series of ‘technologically glitched’ drawings from of digital artefacts resulting from ‘displaced sensors’ to develop the Alien Intelligence choreography.

New physical movement informed by virtual constructs and vice versa.